4 factors affecting mental health

Today, experts note an increased percentage of the population suffering from mental illness. People who were different for mental health, self-confidence, were prudent and capable of self-control — suddenly unnecessary fears, phobias, severe depressions, and other psychiatric disorders find about themselves.

Only in rare cases, mental illness arises for no apparent reason. As a rule, they are the result of various severe crises that injure a person and lead to mental disorders. However, we should not forget that prevention supports both physical health and spiritual balance. The sooner we cultivate in our children (and in ourselves!) the correct view of life and health, we understand the purpose of difficulties, crises, and problems, the harder we will stand in all trials. Try to develop your way of preventive mental care that will help you: calm down, relieve suffering, reconcile with circumstances that you cannot change, and perhaps bring healing from both physical and mental crisis.

Therefore, maintaining mental health depends on four main factors: Understanding the meaning of the difficulties and sufferings with which life experiences us, and the good that hides within them. Abstinence from excessive nervous tension. Adequate and tolerant attitude to missteps and miscalculations of close people. Close contact with nature – refreshing and regenerating.

Modern mental disorder studies and a human being

The content of this chapter corresponds to the basics of Judaism and its fundamental concepts. You will find general tips and instructions suitable for each person. However, if you are seriously ill, your condition requires an individual approach. For treatment, you should contact a professional specialist, preferably a God-fearing person who will be able to find a unique solution for you. Unfortunately, the traditional therapy that the mentally ill undergo today often turns out to be a medical crime. The attitude to man as a highly developed animal lies in the basis of it, which contradicts the point of view of the Jewish Torah. Modern psychiatry and psychology widely use the principles of Freudian psychoanalysis. The postulate of psychiatric research is an analogy of human and animal behavior (mainly in comparative psychology, the development of which was facilitated by the work of Darwin and his closest student George-John Romanes. Romanes tried to prove that animals have a “basic human consciousness”). In reality, man is an extraordinary creature, Lord of Creation. His mental activity and behavioral clichés are the creatures of his high soul.

Often, today’s psychiatrists practice arrogant and, at times, cruel treatment of their patients. There is no doubt that shortly, humanity will indignantly reject some of the forms of “treatment” adopted today. Of course, it is unacceptable to provide freedom to the disorderly and dangerous mentally ill. However, the need to protect society from contact with him or her, the result of which is unpredictable, does not justify the use of electroshock therapy or injection of lethal doses of psychotropic drugs. The person who chooses psychiatry as a profession must first of all be understanding and kind-hearted, full of compassion and sympathy for his unhappy patient. After all, both of them, the patient and the doctor, made in the image and likeness of God.

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