5 Good Reasons Why Writing is Good for Your Mental Health

Your mental health not only has direct relationship with your physical well-being, but it also impacts your over-all productivity and life-expectancy in multidimensional ways.

With new researches revealing the strong inter- links of mental health with aging as well as immunity, it has now become more important than ever to stay mentally fit.

There are several practices one can adopt in their daily lives to remain mentally healthy like:  doing regular yoga, meditation, exercise and pranayama.

Writing is one activity that can meticulously assist individuals in improving their mental health, but is seldom discussed.  Anyone ranging from a child to an adult can engage in this beautiful, thought-provoking activity.

Here 5 ways how writing helps when it comes to mental health:

1.      Frees you from the Cage of Solitude

Writing is simply more than an innocent past time.  Poems, essays, articles, dairy writing enables you to pen down your emotions and escape from the quick sands of loneliness. As you begin to write, you interact with our own inner self as well as the variety of resources you encounter in the process.

The result is:  you escape from the negative emotions like passivity and negativity and start embracing positive emotions like thoughtfulness, which has a significant impact on our thought processes. Not only do you free yourself from the cage of solution, but you also learn to embrace new ideas and views.


2.      Helps You in Self- Reflection

As writing involves a great deal of proof-reading, editing and scribbling, with time it teaches you to constantly improve yourself and accept feedbacks. In real life, this translates to art of accepting self-criticism, which is quite essential to keep narcissist views and negative emotions at bay. Thus, writing helps you in enhancing life skills of self-reflection, a key component of good mental health.


3.      Improves Your Self-Confidence

Don’t believe it? But it’s true- writing is a self-confident booster.

ves you a platform to better articulate your thoughts and views, which boosts the level of your self- confidence. Multiple researches have validated the claim that writers have better levels of self-confidence than normal people. So, this means that as you begin writing and expressing yourself, your level of confidence with start improving, helping you combat depressions and self-doubt. Both more effectively and easily.


4.      Assists You in Combating Insomnia

Insomnia, or sleep deprivation is a cause of many of the mental illnesses, and writing can perfectly help you in this regard. In most of the cases, it’s our thoughts that don’t let us sleep and writing them down in the form of a diary or poem can be a great solution to keep them away. Just pick up a pen and piece of paper and write down your thoughts become sleeping, and you will know how well it works!!


5.      Helps you Become a Better Expresser

This is no longer a secret anymore. Good writers are usually good communicators. And as we all know, mis-communication and mis-interpretation have been the single greatest cause of conflicts through-out the world. Regular writing shall help in better expressing yourself as well as correctly interpreting what others are trying to convey, saving you from a host of mental conflicts.

After all, conflict prevention = stress prevention= staying mentally healthy.

Hope you found the article useful. Comments and feedbacks are highly welcome.

Written by Sushant


Sushant Shrestha: Sushant is health, economics and self-development enthusiast, who loves writing, reading and freelancing. You can contact him at: thechinastudent.blogspot.com

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