7 Sleep Quality Enhancing Tips for a Healthier and Enriched Life


Sleep is among the most basic and important requirements of the human body, which needs to function properly and efficiently. Every human being requires a dedicated amount of time to sleep. The average number of hours that a healthy human being requires for sleep is 8 to 9. But, is everyone able to get that many hours of sleep? The answer is no. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention published an article1 in 2015 that stated that about an estimated 50 to 70 million of the adults in the United State suffered from insomnia.

Keeping up with this faced paced world of today, is a struggle that has affected the sleep patterns and sleep quality of every working person. But, not many are aware of the consequences of less sleep. Less hours of sleep results in a loss of energy and productivity the next morning. You might experience feeling extra annoyed and less motivated when you haven’t got a chance to get some proper shut eye. Poor quality of sleep and chronic insomnia are one of the major contributors to anxiety, depression and irritability. Most of the patients of psychiatric disorders do suffer from sleep disorders. But, that’s not all. Sleep disorders have also been linked to an increased risk of weight gain, diabetes Type I and II, high blood pressure and even cancer.


How can you improve the Quality of Your Sleep?

Well, there are many ways you can improve the quality of your sleep. You can start by following these simple and very effective ways to improve the overall quality of your sleep.


  1. Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

The first and most important step is to avoid taking any caffeinated or alcoholic drink before your bedtime. Both of these will result in a disturbed sleep, full of tossing and turning. These drinks are a big NO when it comes to a good night’s sleep.


  1. Don’t light that butt!

Now is probably a good time to stop smoking or control it. The nicotine present in cigarettes acts as a stimulant and causes insomnia. Not only does it cause sleep loss, it also affects the quality of your sleep. Recent researches have shown that smokers experience light sleep while sleeping, whereas a normal human being needs to experience deep sleep to function properly in the morning.


  1. Follow a Schedule

As hard as it seems, you just can’t get out of this one if you want to improve your sleep quality. Your mind must become habitual about your bed time and setting a specific bed time routine will help it to establish a connection between your routine and sleep.


  1. Eat Right!

You do not want to be hitting the bathroom again and again throughout the night just because you couldn’t say no to that big bucket of fried chicken that Uncle Fred put just right in front of you! Eat a light diet before bedtime and avoid spicy and oily foods for dinner.


  1. Naughty Naps!

Well another major contributor of poor quality sleep is naps. Taking a nap during the day can cause you difficulty in getting some sleep during the night. If you are unable to avoid taking a nap, make sure that its only lasts for a maximum of 20 minutes.


  1. Environment Setting

The environment around you can also have a very profound effect on your sleep. Make your bedroom a ‘No Work’ area and keep your bedroom environment relaxed. Keep the curtain pulled over the window at night time and keep the lights dim. You can also use an oil burner or a humidifier with your favorite fragrance by your bedside, to enable you to relax and fall asleep quickly.


  1. Water Trouble

Hydration is good and drinking lots of water throughout the day is very important, but not before bed time. Limit your intake of water before you plan on hitting the bed, as you do not want to be woken up from your peaceful sleep in the middle of the night with an uncontrollable bladder.


Sleep is the most overlooked secret to an enriched and fuller life. It is often ignored by the very people who are in pursuit of more success and enrichment. Getting a good night’s sleep is a very big contributor to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. A good quality sleep will help improve your work productivity and increase your motivation. It will make you feel relaxed and less stressed when under pressure. It also improves your family relation, family life and your overall outlook on life. A good night’s sleep ensures a mind free from anxiety and depression. It keeps your blood pressure and heart in check. The body’s physiological processes are able to function to their best if you get more than 8 hours of sleep and this affects your overall health. Better sleep means a better immune system. It also means more clarity, more energy and more fulfillments. A good quality sleep is the biggest step towards enrichment and satisfaction in life.



Written by Eugene Gabriel

Eugene Gabriel

Eugene Gabriel is a passionate blogger. He has always been fascinated by sleep and how it relates to health and wellness. Read his post on Sleep Positions. You can follow him on twitter @eugenegabrielj.

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