The Best Sleeping Medications


Melatonin is good when you need to sleep every now and then but the truth is if you take it every night it could lose potency. Melatonin is an over the counter pill. Rozerem is a prescription form of Melatonin and if you have trouble sleeping you might try Rozerem. Now, if you just have trouble sleeping every now and then, over the counter Melatonin will do just fine. The problem with Melatonin is that it is a naturally occurring chemical in people and your body adjusts to a level of consistency that can eventually make Melatonin ineffective.

Let us talk about the sleeping pills that everybody wants. Believe it or not Ambien is not the greatest drug in the world and Lunesta is a rip off of Ambien for pharmaceutical companies to gain more money. Do not get me wrong some work better with others with certain people but they are a product of a Pharmaceutical Monopoly in America. However, both of these drugs are semi-Benzo drugs. Ambien and similar drugs build up tolerance and in this case, it resorts, [similarly] to Melatonin. Ambien does work for certain individuals but they eventually build up toleransleeping-difficultiesce- some of the time.

So what should you take for sleep? I suggest Seroquel or Trazadone. Preferably Trazadone because it does not increase your appetite nearly as much. Seroquel can be a potent antipsychotic, and Trazodone works well as an Atypical Antidepressant. Both of these drugs are good at inducing sleep. You do not have to be psychotic to take these medicines and they are non-addictive. Another good medicine is Remeron. Believe it or not, the smaller dosages of Remeron, the great its potency. The initial dosage is usually 15 mg. and many doctors give 7.5 to induce sleep. It was made as an antidepressant but was very unsuccessful for most, however, in the realms of sleep, it can work wonders.

Now, let us talk about the heavy stuff. Tamazapam (Restoril) is addictive but if you just take it at night, you will be fine, and it will induce a chemical sleep that you may have to depend on. Sometimes there is no other choice. Restoril is a very potent Benzo that is usually prescribed for sleep- normally- and I want this to be your last resort. There are doctors out there who prescribe Clonazepam for sleep, and many similar drugs. What should you do? First, research the topic thoroughly and then brainstorm the pros and cons. There are plenty of drugs that induce sleep. Most of all, be careful.


Written by Max Baumeister

Max Baumeister

Specialize in mental health care and substance abuse.

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