Calming anxiety …by accepting it


Can you control anxiey?

Have you ever been caught by a sudden anxiety attack and to not knowing what to do?

When you less expect it, at work for instance: all at a time you feel your muscles contracting and an alert state that you cannot explain prevents you from focussing on what you are doing.

Or in the morning, as soon as you open your eyes, you feel anxiety fall on you, as an oppressive weight on your chest.

Or, again, while you are fine with your friends, you feel yourself being drawn away by a deep restlessness, coming from who knows where, it enters your thoughts and a calm night with friends becomes nearly a torture.

What do you do in these situations? How to do you handle them?

anxiety_feelingA very normal approach is to try to push away these negative emotions.

Many people does not know any other strategy to not to think over it, and anaesthetize the pain with all possible means, often including a tranquilizer.

But drugs actually won’t solve the problem, they just chemically reduce the physiological symptoms and make us feel better, but they won’t act on the real causes that brought us to anxiety.

Other people, instead, strongly deny this feeling, they act just like it doesn’t exist, they refuse it.

Denying anxiety will not help to depower this feeling, which is a close friend to fear. This can rather make it grow, indeed.

We are accustomed to see every type of negative feeling as something that must be quickly eliminated.

Actually, anciety and fear are not monsters that we need to fight, they are deep energies growing out deep from our soul.

They are real messages that need to be listened and understood.

The only way we have to solve the problems bound to anxiety and avoid that it gets stronger, is to accept its presence, to listen to it, to try and decode the message it brings.

Actually, it is a fundamental emotion and it is totally spontaneous. Like all other emotions, it not negative by itself. In its original state it has the positive function to warn us in advance about possible dangers. Furthermore, anxiety represents a necessary response scheme to stress.

That’s why in this post I would like to suggest a few techniques which are not aimed at fighting anxiety but are, instead, aimed at accepting it, listening to it, and turning it into a vital power before it spontaneously vanishes.

Try to imagine anxienty as a person, not exactly the nice kind, coming to visit you from time to time. You don’t like meeting this person but she has a very important message for you. This person doesn’t speak your language, so it is difficult to understand the message she has got for you, but she will come back again and again until you get the message she brings.

Once you get this message, she will never come back to annoy you, and she will leave you in peace.

But how to understand this message? I am proposing you a 5 phases strategy to accept your own anxiety and understand it:

1. Accept anxiety

2. Observe anxiety

3. Act together with your anxiety

4. Repeat above phases

5. Decode the message


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Written by Stuart

Stuart is a 47-year old man from Germany. He is passionate about health, and loves swimming and chess play. He works as a health advisor in a counseling centre in Cologne, Germany.

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