Sunday, November 18, 2018

How Massage Therapy Can Relieve Your Anxiety

Ever increasing economic pressure and family issues in the recent generations of mankind have imprinted some damaging marks on the brains of humans. According to a recent survey conducted in the USA, more than 16% adults are suffering from anxiety and depression. There are millions of causes behind … [Read more...]

How to Overcome Anxiety and Stress – Tim Ferriss and Michael Gervais

Michael Gervais is the performance psychologist elite athletes and coaches turn to when they want to level up or when they’re returning from hard times and want to not just get back to where they were, but exceed their previous highest levels of excellence. His clients include Olympic gold … [Read more...]

Interrupt Anxiety Attacks with the Tapping Method

It is amazing how many methods people find to fight and cure anxiety attacks, we are presenting one more in this video today. Xiren is a musician and you-tuber who unawarely contracted the Lyme disease which was diagnosed in 2015 after two years of suffering. Among other nasty symptoms, Lyme … [Read more...]

5 steps to accept Anxiety

We know well how much discomfort can be caused by anxiety and also how much difficult is to sit down and listen ourselves while a vortex of crazy thoughts seem to attack us, unleashed. For this reason, we have created a free 5 step trace to help you start this path to calm down your mind and … [Read more...]

Calming anxiety …by accepting it

Can you control anxiey? Have you ever been caught by a sudden anxiety attack and to not knowing what to do? When you less expect it, at work for instance: all at a time you feel your muscles contracting and an alert state that you cannot explain prevents you from focussing on what you are … [Read more...]

Herbs That Help With Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common of all mental health disorders. Fortunately, anxiety disorder is highly treatable, and with professional help, it can often be completely overcome. Many times, successful treatment depends only upon individual or group therapy and learned relaxation … [Read more...]

Anxiety Disorders & Medications

We live in a fix-all society, where we are all programmed to think that problems can be fixed quickly and easily. This "have it all, now" mentally extends throughout our lives, and even into our health. It is therefore understandable that, for most people, going to see a doctor and getting … [Read more...]

When Anxiety Strikes

Panic attacks can be the bane of your existence, and can make being out and about in the world extremely daunting. Never knowing when - or why - an attack can hit makes life unpredictable, and searching for a way to control your anxiety is a natural step to take. Most anxiety attacks come on … [Read more...]

How Do I Know I Have An Anxiety Disorder?

Many of the most common anxiety disorders, such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Social Anxiety Disorder, are well known. This, naturally, may lead people who suffer with anxiety or their nerves to wonder if they themselves are suffering from these clinically defined illnesses. While some … [Read more...]

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