Sunday, November 18, 2018

What You Need to Know About Health Insurance with a Mental Illness

Whether you are seeking long-term mental health services, or you are in a crisis and need to see a professional for a quick appointment, the cost of these services is often enough to sway people to hold off on seeking the services they need. Even with insurance coverage that will help pay for … [Read more...]

A Guide For Addicts & Loved Ones Alike

How did you turn out this way? No morals, bad upbringing, loser, junkie, dope fiend... and the list goes on.  These are just some of the words and phrases you may think of when describing an addict.  The average person doesn't understand drug addicts or how someone could become an addict.  Let me … [Read more...]

How Are Depression And Addiction Linked?

Sadly in many substance abuse cases, there’s a chance a pre-existing causal disorder is also present in their life. Though addiction can be diagnosed on its own, in a high number of situations, it ends up being the result of one or other mental disorder. With Anxiety, Depression, and Posttraumatic … [Read more...]

The Amazing Ways Sleep Benefits Your Mind

The health benefits of the right quality and quantity of sleep are countless. From losing weight to boosting your immunity, from banishing under eye circles to spurring creativity, from uplifting your mood to building muscles, sleep is essential. It is perhaps the best tonic to boost both mental and … [Read more...]

Is it Time for a New Approach to Drug Use?

The United States claims to employ an evidence-based approach to battle drug addiction but the fact is that drug abuse deaths have been on a steady climb for the past two decades, with marijuana being the most commonly used illicit drug. Opioids, too are a serious concern, with around 2.1 million … [Read more...]

Eating Disorders: Not Just “A Woman’s Thing”

The term 'eating disorders' often conjures up the images of women, but males actually account for 10 per cent of people who seek help for this disorder from health professionals. This percentage could actually be considerably higher, considering that research has shown that men often fail to obtain … [Read more...]

Wind and heat effects on mental health

This will blow your mind! Ever heard of the” winds of change” or of a “hot temper”? Wind and heat extremes or variations may literally have a negative influence on mental health. … [Read more...]

A Dark Night for Depression

Emerging research on Depression management: “One night’s sleep deprivation” Sleep and depression, depression and sleep. The connection between these two subjects is widely researched. Many studies have evaluated the link between sleep and depression and most topics are related to the fact that … [Read more...]

The Psychological Importance of Forgiveness

If you are in recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction, then it is likely that you will often hear people talking about the importance of forgiveness. Thinking about forgiveness can often open painful wounds and cause us to think about and deal with negative emotions and situations that we have … [Read more...]

“Take the Bull by the Horns” – Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is an affective disorder characterized by fluctuations in mood. Depression and mania are the two extremes when it comes to bipolar disorder. Depression can make a person feel and act hopelessly, while someone in a manic state may act recklessly and feel invincible. Whatever the … [Read more...]

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