How Massage Therapy Can Relieve Your Anxiety


Ever increasing economic pressure and family issues in the recent generations of mankind have imprinted some damaging marks on the brains of humans. According to a recent survey conducted in the USA, more than 16% adults are suffering from anxiety and depression. There are millions of causes behind this abrupt increase but solutions are limited. Massage therapy is one of the solutions which can really help you fight depression and stress. It helps your muscles to breathe in excessive oxygen to provide you much-needed stress relief.

A gentle touch of the masseuse is extremely beneficial for keeping your emotions in balance. I remember, my Mom used to massage my head once in a week and it used to provide me enough relief from worldly benefits. Modern trends have changed the home culture as well. This can also be a reason for our decline to stress and anxiety. Massage therapy can be beneficial for different reasons like lower back pain, anxiety, headaches, insomnia and arthritis.

What causes it?

The human body is naturally structured to automatically respond to adverse situations such as fleeing, defending, anti-bodies formation for disease, the quick nervous system in attacks and fighting. These extravaganza actions require the production of extra cortisol in the body. During such actions, cortisol controls over our natural immune system to mitigate or exterminate the problems. Nowadays, we do not face such actions in our daily life regularly or even occasionally.

Nature of problems has changed which implies that there should be different solutions as well. The problems which our generations are facing are mostly economic or home-oriented. These problems are most consistent with their nature. These problems are constantly applying pressure on our brains. The problems faced by previous generations were occasional which their mind had coped well. For consistent stress problems, there is a need of adopting regular methods for mitigation.

How does it work?

There can be many symptoms of anxiety problems like you would feel it in your back, head or in your shoulders. There are specific massage therapies for all these stress issues. A professional masseuse will provide your body the massage therapy which your body needs at that moment. It becomes pertinent to share your issue with the therapist before commencing it. In fact, studies have shown that general massage therapies produce oxytocin and serotonin which are stress reliever body elements.

Anxiety causes higher blood pressure and rapid circulation of blood inside your body. Massages are extremely useful when it comes to reduced blood pressure and low rate of blood flow inside the body. It will relieve your stress for days. According to my own experience, I would be stress-free in the week in which I received a head massage from my Mom. Regular massage therapies will help you to overcome all the stressors and emerge as a new person with better abilities to cope with the issues.

When your body is relieved your nervous system responds with much better breathing and lowers heart rate. This phenomenon helps you to sleep better. A good sleep helps to achieve fresh mind with a fresh day to start your activities. You will be forgotten all the previous days worry because muscles vividly remember that. Your mind and body will be in good health to solve today’s worries in an effective. A healthier mind is all that you need to face difficult situations which life presents. Massage therapy will help you to attain it by regular practice.

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Sara is a psychologist by profession, and she loves massage therapies. She enjoys home-based work and traveling. She is obsessed with massage chair therapies and other relaxing techniques. She regularly writes blogs in my massage chair. Check her recent posts here.

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