Interrupt Anxiety Attacks with the Tapping Method


It is amazing how many methods people find to fight and cure anxiety attacks, we are presenting one more in this video today.
Xiren is a musician and you-tuber who unawarely contracted the Lyme disease which was diagnosed in 2015 after two years of suffering. Among other nasty symptoms, Lyme disease brings depression and anxiety. Watch his 15-minute video where he presents the method he successfully applied to fight anxiety: The Tapping Method (or Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT).
This guy is really smart and his presentation is brief and clear.
Please let us know in the comments if you tried it, and if it helped.

Written by Stuart

Stuart is a 47-year old man from Germany. He is passionate about health, and loves swimming and chess play. He works as a health advisor in a counseling centre in Cologne, Germany.

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