Xanax – Usages, Problems, Effectiveness, and Aiding in sleep



Alprazolam is the generic name for Xanax and it is prescribed for anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety caused by depression. It is a group belonging to Benzodiazepines or for short, Benzo’s. Many people are prescribed Xanax because it can be a way to manage severe anxiety.

Xanax is a schedule III drug in many places, but it is still prescribed less often than many schedule two drugs. (For those that are unaware Schedule four or less are least abused drugs, schedule three are drugs that need to be moderated and watched and schedule two are drugs that must be heavily monitored) Schedule two drugs consist of Opiates and barbiturates mainly. So why is it so hard to get a prescription of Xanax?

It all has to do with the addiction potential, tolerance, abuse, and it has a very short half-life. One reason it is not prescribed as often is because doctors consider the factor of thealprazolam-side-fxl drugs half-life. What does this mean? In simple terms: it stays in your body much shorter than then other Benzodiazepines. Related Benzo’s are Ativan, (Lorazepam) Klonopin, (clonazepam) Valium (Diazepam) and lesser prescribed ones such as Temazepam and Librium. Nevertheless, despite the huge trouble that Xanax causes it is one of the number one prescribed Benzo. To throw a little pharmacology at you: more than 90% is absorbed after taking the dosage and this is considered an extremely high absorption rate. It is used for multiple things outside of anxiety such as cancer or premenstrual synedrium. It is a drug that is called an anxiolytic which means it is used to reduce anxiety. Xanax is dissolved in the lower intestines and to increase potential of effectiveness it can be taken on an empty stomach. The order in which drugs are absorbed is swallowing, nasal, under the tongue or cheek, and finally IV. The IV bypasses the stomach which can reduce the effects of the stomach’s metabolism and goes straight into the blood stream. IV is the most effective way to circulate a drug in your body.
What is tolerance? When you are start taking .5 milligrams of Xanax it works for a while but eventually your system builds what is called “tolerance” or in other words, it becomes ineffective. Thus, it is increased to higher levels. The maximum dosage that the vast majority of doctors prescribe is between 2mg – 3 times a day and 2mg – 4 times a day. Those are considered pretty heft dosages. The FDA actually has only approved for 1mg three times a day, but those are guidelines and not rules. Doctors tend to prescribe based on their experience and research provided. After a while Xanax builds tolerance meaning it is not as effective.

Michael Jackson took over 30 milligrams (15 bars) of Xanax each day and it shows just how much the tolerance is raised. If you take Xanax every now and then; you do not have to worry as much about gaining tolerance because your body is not absorbing it constantly as it would if you were taking it as a daily regimen. Although, he was taking 30 milligrams his body, because the drug had built up, it may have only responded as if he were taking 2 mg.

What would I suggest? I heavily suggest the usage of Klonopin. Klonopin has a long half-life and can be extraordinarily effective. In addition, it is not nearly as addictive as other Benzo’s. However, yes, it is still addictive. Be careful out there.





Written by Max Baumeister

Max Baumeister

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