Friday, July 20, 2018

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How to Overcome Anxiety and Stress – Tim Ferriss and Michael Gervais

Michael Gervais is the performance psychologist elite athletes and coaches turn to when they want to level up or when they’re returning from hard times and want to not just get back to where they were, but exceed their previous highest levels of excellence. His clients include Olympic gold … [Read more...]

Interrupt Anxiety Attacks with the Tapping Method

It is amazing how many methods people find to fight and cure anxiety attacks, we are presenting one more in this video today. Xiren is a musician and you-tuber who unawarely contracted the Lyme disease which was diagnosed in 2015 after two years of suffering. Among other nasty symptoms, Lyme … [Read more...]

stress free kids a parents guide to helping build self esteem manage stress and reduce anxiety in children

This parenting guide is filled with stress management solutions for you and your children!Kids today are more stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling with anxiety than ever before. Children are not born with the coping strategies needed to navigate today’s increasing demands of technology, bullying, … [Read more...]

Sport to defeat anxiety

Tension has been linked to inactivity. This is where a person who does not engage in physical activity develops physical tension which then translates to mental tension. This is because of unused pent-up energy. One is supposed to release this energy through some light exercising. This is achieved … [Read more...]

5 steps to accept Anxiety

We know well how much discomfort can be caused by anxiety and also how much difficult is to sit down and listen ourselves while a vortex of crazy thoughts seem to attack us, unleashed. For this reason, we have created a free 5 step trace to help you start this path to calm down your mind and … [Read more...]

Calming anxiety …by accepting it

Can you control anxiey? Have you ever been caught by a sudden anxiety attack and to not knowing what to do? When you less expect it, at work for instance: all at a time you feel your muscles contracting and an alert state that you cannot explain prevents you from focussing on what you are … [Read more...]

How Can You Safely Manage Pain When You’re Recovering from an Addiction?

Pain management for severe health problems like cancer and chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia can be difficult under any circumstances, but how do you cope when you're a recovering addict? Using pain medications safely can pose all kinds of problems for someone who is trying to leave … [Read more...]

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